Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Welcome to the madness :)

Ever since I can remember I have walked in many worlds; I have always had characters, places, ideas running through my head. I often joke that inside my head are multiple doors to multiple worlds, and many characters run from one door to another. It can make for some interesting conversations.

I've always been creative, and eager to gather experiences and knowledge. I call myself a jack-of-all-trades, which in modern times is sometimes viewed as an insult but it's term that is very apt for me and one that I wear with pride. I find it incredibly frustrating to wear only one hat, and over time I have gathered many skills. Some skills need refining, and that is a challenge that I am up to. There is always something new and shiny out there to learn. I often find people asking me if I have some particular skill that they need, and I'm always quick to answer that I'm happy to learn.

Creating and mothering are my two biggest passions. I am a Mum of 4 (although only my daughter currently lives with me), and I find the two often go hand in hand. I am not a creator that is a Mother, or a Mother that is a creator; I am both equally. But being a Mother often needs to take precedence, and it's a challenge to balance creating and mothering. It is somewhat easier now that the children are growing, and can understand what Mummy does, but being a single Mother has additional challenges.

Children cannot live on words. They cannot live on stories. Stories can feed their soul, but not their bodies. My own health issues have added to the challenges. I have anxiety issues, depression and complex PTSD among other issues, which makes going out to work in a traditional job a little harder than I would like. I have found myself in my tightest situation financially this year, after a run of horrid luck, and therefore I am more determined than ever to find the key to supporting my family through my words. 

I have dozens, of writing projects on the back-burner (as well as other creative projects); poems, a comic series, several series of books, stand alone books, movies scripts, adaptations, songs and more. Most days I feel like Alice in Wonderland with the amount of impossible thoughts I have before breakfast. I would like nothing more than to bring these to life, and this far into 2017 and I am slowly carving through this treasure trove of writing projects. 

2017 has been my most prolific year of writing...ever. As of writing this, I have completed 58 poems, since January 4, and I have written EVERY SINGLE DAY since January 1. The amount varies but I am still writing EVERY day; that is 80 days straight, and I haven't stopped even when injured and dealing with emergencies. This year I have finally found my feet, when it comes to my writing process. :) I recognise all of the writing that I was able to accomplish during times of trauma; all of the ideas I jotted down, the research that I undertook, the writing in my head - all of it was important, even if it didn't follow the rules that others created as to what is considered "writing". I have often given thought to passing on my hard-learned tips for writing while living with an illness or disability; I had a taste of this after a friend invited me to join his panel at a convention last year, and the more confident I grow with my own process the more I feel that I have to share with others also struggling. With that in mind, I will blog about this subject and see where that leads.

Thank you for joining me on my journey through my worlds. <3


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