Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Day 11 - back in the groove

After an introductory session with a new pysch today, especially coming on the heels of a small down swing, I felt emotionally and physically wiped. It is often the result of sessions like this, where I am asked to recount my history, etc etc. Band aids are ripped off, scars are opened and it's raw and messy. By the time I left the session I was on the verge of tears and I was completely scattered. All of those experiences and emotions were churning around in my head for a large part of the day. I couldn't focus enough to write things out, so I sat down and watched DVDs with my daughter, keeping my notebook and pencil close by so that I could jot down random ideas.

Once I could sit down calmly at the computer, I was determined to finish any editing that remained for "This is NOT a Fairy Tale"; but as I began the process of editing the documents, words flooded out and I ran with them. It didn't matter how rough they were, or how cliched, I just had to get them out of my head. That was my method with this manuscript for nanowrimo 2015; I would pour out what was buzzing around in my head, and then I would go back later to make sense of it all. And that seems to be the best method for this particular manuscript. That burst of writing sent me over the 1000 word mark for #campnanowrimo, and has brought the total word count, for the manuscript, closer to 20 000 words. I know I said that the point of signing up for this challenge wasn't about word counts, but seeing the word counter tick over a little more every day reminds me that I am making progress. This is NOT a Fairy Tale has been a work in progress for a few years or more, even if I didn't start the actual physical writing until 2015.

It has occurred to me lately that I need a few more characters, and I need the characters and stories to overlap a little more than they do already. Having the Bookshop as a central point is a start, but this would be stronger, overall, if the stories intersected more. But it could become a messy jumble if I don't plan this out carefully; I have plotted out the characters and their stories so that I can see at a glance which characters could naturally match up story wise, but I want to try something different, something a little more visual. I'd like to map this out onto a whiteboard or large piece of cardboard so that I can hang it up in my office, to have it in front of me as I write. I think this could be a more effective way to keep everyone straight.

#BYBin30: I have made a little more progress with pr-aA sAt; that is BOTH the book and the character. I can see her more clearly now; not only her physical appearance but how she is as a character. Yes she is an Egyptian Mau but she is much more than an ordinary moggy, not than any cat is ordinary :) She was lacking depth; if kids are going to follow her adventures there needed to be more to her than I had noted down. She needed a much more defined personality and a clear purpose beyond being a cat; and of course being a Cat is enough of a purpose in some ways but for the sake of this book she needs a bit more purpose than simply existing. I don't want this book to be a dozen rehashed historical events, loosely tied up together by two dimensional characters; it needs to be an adventure against historical backdrops. It needs a sense of magick and mystery, and I'm on my way to achieving that now. 


Becky Fyfe said...

Fantastic! It sounds like you are making good progress with your stories - when not progress in writing, you still make progress in other areas of the writing process.

Bron said...

Thank you for your encouragement, Becky :) A lot of people discount anything that isn't the actual writing itself, and that's a shame because it gives the wrong impression of what it is to write.

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