Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Day 18 - Evolution of a poem

you have brought so much magick to my life. i crave your touch, your arms, your voice. your kiss is intoxicating and i'm hooked. tell me how to stop loving you and wanting you. because you are a part of me now - and cutting you out of my life is like cutting off a part of my body.
This is an excerpt that has been sitting in my files since November 2015. At that time I was taking part in #nanowrimo, and I had jotted down these lines thinking that they could be suitable for one of the scenes that I was working on. The book was "This is NOT a Fairy Tale", and it was for a scene for chapter 16 "The Lone Wolf". I recently pulled the files out to work on them for #campnanowrimo, and I realised that the lines would probably be more suited to a poem, but I wasn't entirely convinced that they needed to be a poem; it's not like I have a shortage of poems that I am working on after all. :)  I thought that I would use them in a letter in that chapter. But each time I have read that chapter the idea that these lines they should be a poem wouldn't leave me. I remember what inspired this scene, these words; and tonight I decided to have a play around with them. And thus my latest poem was born. 

As you can see, the two pieces are similar, and also completely different. At this stage I haven't finished writing this chapter, so it's quite possible that I will still use the original lines in that same scene, and I will more than likely keep with the idea of them appearing in a letter in that scene. 

Over this past few months I have been intrigued with how my poems evolve. Some started life as nothing more than a one word reminder written at 3 am. Some were rough bits jotted down 15 years ago and finally given their final form this year. And occasionally I will create 2 slightly different versions of the same poem, if I am undecided as to which version works better. I am still a little shy about sharing so much of my process but below is an example I shared a while back, on my Facebook Page: Bron Rauk-Mitchell: My Words; the piece in pink is the original version from 2015. But it always felt incomplete. I had looked at it dozens of times, to see how I could complete it, and finally earlier this year the words came to me. As you can see I've taken the essence of the first and used it in the second to make something new. 

It seems at this stage I'm sharing more here about the process of writing This is NOT a Fairy Tale than I am about pr-aA sAt, so perhaps it would have been a more sensible idea on one hand to use This is NOT a Fairy Tale for both challenges. However, I had already made a lot of progress with This is NOT a Fairy Tale in 2015, and pr-aA sAt has spent far too long sitting in my head waiting for one day so I'm sticking with my decision to work on both books this month. I may not be making the same kind of progress that I am with This is NOT a Fairy Tale, but pr-aA sAt is taking shape nicely. There is still a lot of research to undertake but I have knotted out some of the problems that have kept me stalled in the past. I'm definitely keen to add a few more historical events, so I'm aiming for 16 chapters now, and I've decided to have the main, human, character turn amateur detective in between the stories set in the past. It will give those stories a bit more cohesion, and there's nothing like a good mystery :)


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