Monday, 3 April 2017

Day 3 - Knotting out a problem

It's still a little new to me to be blogging every day about the progress that I am making with writing a book. I've become a lot more comfortable sharing about my writing process, so it shouldn't be that difficult to blog about it, but it feels a little pretentious. Hopefully, given time, it feels a little more natural and it's not as if I will be doing this with every book. I'm pretty much musing aloud at this point, so hopefully you will bear with me :)

It's been an interesting day with "Pussycat through the Ages" (hereby to be referred to as PCTA, as the working title really isn't working for me). I spent more time reading up on the wonderful Egyptian Mau; and I found them to be even more fascinating than I had previously. I have yet to decide on the colour of the Mau for P.C.T.A, but there main colours are black, silver, bronze and smokey, and then there are also diluted versions of these colours i.e blue, blue silver, blue spotted, and blue smoke. While I did write that I was starting from scratch, there are significant ideas that I plan to keep; the Mau's original name will still be pr-aA sAt, which is Egyptian for Daughter of the Pharaoh. Over time, her other owners will give her new names, but she will always be pr-aA sAt at heart. Mau's have scarab markings on the top of their heads but pr-aA sAt will have a more unique marking if possible, for purposes of the story.

I went back over yesterday's main plot issue, and on further examination it does affect the rest of the story, so after brainstorming for a while with my daughter I went back to my original idea and decided that that was the better option; now I can focus my efforts on more research. History has always been one of my great loves, both Ancient and Modern history, and history was one of my majors at University, so I'm enjoying writing this book as I hope to pass that love on to young readers. I created a pinterest board dedicated to topics relevant to P.C.T.A, and I also visited the local library borrowing as many books as we could manage, on several of the periods relevant to the book. I do believe that I will either add more chapters, or I will look at having this be the start of a series, although I'm not so keen on the latter option at this stage. Whether I add more chapters depends on how the first 12 are; it definitely has possibilities to work but for now, given my energy levels and so on I'll stick to 12 and take it from there.

I have had a full on day and my pain levels are high, so I have very little progress to report for #campnano at this stage, but I have added another 200 words to my daily total tonight. It's still early days yet, and a little each day is far better than trying to be superwoman.


Becky Fyfe said...

Your 200 words written today beats my zero words today! lol! You are doing really fantastic at keeping this up so far. :)

Bron said...

Thanks :) For myself I'm not so concerned with word counts at this stage (although I try to make that counter click over every day); I really need to spend effort on the existing draft so the words that I am writing aren't just gibberish or filler.

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