Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Day 4 - behind the scenes

Although I have only written 66 words today for #campnano, I have spent time combing through the rest of the This is NOT a Fairy Tale's files from #nanowrimo2015. I had over 18,292 words written during the challenge; and most of them are actually still usable. Unlike most of my drafts, a large portion was polished and is usable. There are some really rough areas, and I have found some accidental repetition since I started this month's challenge (so I'm glad my focus for this week was less about word counts and more about housekeeping).
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As the book contains many separated yet intertwined stories I took the time to set up each chapter as it's own document, allowing me to keep on top of the story, and to prevent me from becoming to overwhelmed. At this stage there are 18 confirmed chapters, and material drafted for a few more chapters, but over time as the story develops and the individual stories are woven together there is no doubt in my mind that additional chapters will be needed. Some of those may be written for this challenge, but if they aren't I will not be disappointed as I'm already well on my way to achieving the goal that I set for myself. Other campers may feel as if they are behind due to their own words counts, but I'm paddling my boat at my own speed on my own course, so I'm pleased.

I'm also excited with the progress I am making with the research for P.C.T.A, and I'm kind of enjoying the whole idea of #blogyourbookin30days. I'm not sure I would want to do this often, but it's a great way for me to keep track of what I am doing when I'm not actually getting the words down. Today's research was mostly online research; e.g. I read up a little more on the Egyptian Mau, especially comparing modern Mau to the Ancient Egyptian Mau. So far it seems that there would be a small difference, which would only be noticeable to "experts", but it is an important detail for the story. While this is a fiction story, it is set around real places, events, people and so close attention does need to be paid to some details.
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But the more I read, the more I regain the enthusiasm that I have had for this book and the more that I can see myself finishing it off sooner rather than later. I have a lot more research ahead of myself, but I am already getting some clear glimpses of sections of the story. I find that if I have a mini film running through my head that it is far easier for me to write those scenes without feeling as if I forcing the story to move along.

While I don't have anything to share that I have written for #blogyourbookin30days I will include an excerpt from chapter 2 of "This is NOT a Fairy Tale". This was from the November 2015 #nanowrimo daft, and the chapter is titled "A Life in Ashes." I did share a few excerpts as I was writing this draft, but I still feel a little awkward sharing too much with the general public. But this year has been a big year for me sharing a lot more of my writing, exposing a lot more of myself (in the literary sense) with others, so why not share some of it here? :)

Sydney stared blankly at the tiled wall in front of her, as she absently filled the kitchen sink with hot water. The house ran efficiently under her touch, even when she was on auto pilot. Bubbles frothed merrily as the water level slowly rose higher in the sink. Loading the glasses carefully, one at a time, into the water she smiled, thinking back fondly to the days of her courtship. Philip had swept her off her feet, with his romantic gestures, his sweet words and his electric touch. They had fallen in love at first sight. A chance meeting, a whirlwind courtship, and a dream wedding; it was almost a scene from a fairy tale.

 She laughed ironically. A fairy tale! Bah! She didn't know when her life had changed; she could not recall that one defining moment where it had all changed, but now her life was as far from a fairy tale as was possible; unless she was the fair maiden locked up in the impregnable tower. Fair maiden! She snorted loudly at that idea. More like the old crone these days. The stress of life was taking its toll on her. She didn't need a magick mirror to tell her that. She had seen a few stray grey hairs poking out from her bun this morning; there were a few more fine lines around her mouth, from pinching her lips firmly together to stop from saying what she felt in her heart. Sure she supposed she still was somewhat attractive. She still did not look her age most days; it’s just that the stress showed clearly on her face more often these days.

She sighed as she switched the tap off. It would not do to add cleaning up a flood to her list of chores. She would barely finish in time to get ready, to go out for dinner, as it was. Although if the water had spilled over she could have washed the floors at the same time as cleaning it up, and saved herself a few minutes in the process. But it wasn't worth the possible scene. It wasn't worth hearing once more, just how stupid she apparently was. She sighed and carefully began to wash the glasses; it wouldn't do to crack any of them.  Her face still smarted from where he had slapped her for chipping his favourite beer stein. It wouldn't do to draw any more attention to her careless ways so soon.

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Wonderful excerpt! Can't wait to read the completed This Is Not a Fairy Tale! :)

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