Saturday, 8 April 2017

Review: Homebased Comic
One of the plans that I had for for 2017 was to return to reviewing books and comics. That was delayed after a series of unfortunate events in my life, but now that I have a bit more time on my hands, I thought that I would take the plunge once more. I know that there is a lot of debate in the indie creative community as to whether there is any value in reviews, as some people can be incredibly petty and vindictive when leaving reviews, and that kind of review can cause more damage than 100 great reviews. But reviews do help with sales and ranking on sites such as Amazon, and many writers ask their readers for even a brief review to help them gain attention. I'm not the petty or vindictive type, and if I honestly cannot find something nice to say about a book, I just don't leave a review. It's that simple to me.
In 2015 I was accepted to regularly write reviews for, but life took another unexpected crappy turn and I had to put writing reviews on hold; letting people down in the process. I have a large pile of books and comics that I will be writing reviews for but I thought I would edge back into it slowly with some thoughts on Homebased Comic
Homebased Comic is the work of one of my fav creative people Paul Caggegifreelancer extraordinaire and stay-at-home dad. It's no exaggeration to say that Homebased is my new fav web comic, and one that has lived up to my expectations from Day 1. Homebased shares the adventures of Carl, a homebased parent, his partner Jen, who works a hectic full-time job, and Fiona a.k.a The Kid. 

The comic is very elegant in its apparent "simplicity"; black & white, uncluttered, and domestic. I have always found the "mundane" to have its own magick, and Paul's quirky personality and almost self-depreciating humour shines through clearly, making this stand out from similar strips. While written from the perspective of a stay-at-home dad Homebased resonates deeply with me, and I suspect it will resonate with other parents too. I look forward to following Carl's future adventures.


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