Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Day 1 NaNoWriMo

Greetings :) It's been a while since my last blog post, and I feel as if I owe a penance for that. But I have kept up with my writing :) so it's not all bad. I'm hoping to get back into the sadlle, or the writer's chair, and resume blogging on a more regular basis. But for now I'll ease back into it with regular NaNoWriMo updates. I still find that communicating some days is a chore, and typos, and other errors still slip through. But if you are all gentle with me, maybe I'll stumble over my tongue, well fingers, a little less.

A few weeks ago I wasn't sure whether I should sign up for NaNoWriMo this year, as my health isn't the best. I've spent most of the year recovering from a breakdown and an injury. I took part in a few writing challenges earlier in the year and I had some success with them (I wrote every day and I moved the projects forward), but while I'm in somewhat better shape than I was then, I still cannot deal well with stressful situations, and a writing challenge can somewhat stressful under the current circumstances.

But I signed up, promised myself I would continue my daily writing habit, that I would set small goals and I would move my project forward, rather than aim to complete the whole 50k. I couldn't decide which project to pick back up and was almost certain that I would continue with Death's Apprentice, but a few days ago I decided to go back to my first (surviving) WIP, The Crush, a teen horror, started circa 1997. The basic plot still stands, I've resolved a couple of plot issues, and a lot of what I started all those years ago is salvageable. My style has matured since I was 24, and in some ways it feels like a collaboration with the younger me.

I even went so far as to create a rough mock-up cover, as suggested by the NaNo team. The cover I have in mind for the finished book will be fairly similar to this, but blood will drip from the title and form a pile of rose petals at the bottom.

This morning I woke up prepared to write (well type). My goal for the day was 1667 words; a nice strong start, to balance out with those days where I won't have as much time to write. I made that goal within a couple of hours (or less) and I continued to over the 1800 word mark. I'm more than pleased with this start. I was going to attempt to drop by a local write-in today but in the end I couldn't face it, so hopefully I can make another one. I did catch part of a virtual write-in, so that was something different for me this year. But for now I'm just happy that I have resumed work on this project and that I achieved the first goal that I set for myself.


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