Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year

Just a quick post to say Happy New Year. I hope you had a safe and fun celebration. Life is still fairly bumpy at the moment, but I've set some writing goals for 2018, because regardless of what happens I do not want to lose the momentum that I gained in 2017. The daily writing will continue as it's a habit now; a day doesn't feel complete without something committed to paper or to a document. But I'm ready to branch out a little further this year. I want to complete more work. It's great that I have so many ideas and drafts; there won't be a shortage of projects to work on, but I want more in the completed files by the end of 2018. So I've set myself a monthly target to aim for over on Patreon, which includes reviews and blog posts. The target is flexible; depending on my health and if life settles. So I look forward to sharing more about my writing adventures with you.


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